About Magnifeye.com

Magnifeye.com was founded in 1997 in Truckee, California to consolidate the extensive road and weather information for people traveling through the Truckee and North Tahoe area. The first traffic web cam was placed in the Citizenís Bank Plaza (the factory outlets) in Truckee. Magnifeye.com has grown to include dozens of traffic cams and electronic road signs, and has all the information one needs to travel through the I-80 and areas surrounding Truckee, CA. Magnifeye.com is used extensively by locals, visitors and commercial drivers alike and is constantly expanding and improving.

In 2009, Magnifeye.com hit 1 million page views per year and continues to grow. The site was re-designed in November, 2010 to provide web visitors with an even better browsing experience.

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